Action Cameras

What are Action Cameras?

In this era of travelling where people are reaching out different corners, we all wish for a device which can capture and record the moments in any kind of place. Often times for leisure purposes, making short videos and sometimes perhaps for the sake of supervision, we set up cameras to our body parts and a lot more other places. Small and portable cameras which can be used for such purposes are known as action cameras.
Remember the time when our parents used to carry all those heavy cameras with them everywhere just to be able to record our childhood? Or the times when recording events were really tough because not everyone could be an expert in using those heavy video cameras. But then we had our smart phones to make the job easier for us, easier but not necessarily better. Agree or not, there are various limitations, we face while using a smart- phone for recording or even taking pictures. Can they go underwater? record with a resolution of 4K? Can we command our phones to work? Well, we get all these amazing features in action cameras, compatible and easy to use, giving you the opportunity to choose your own kind of camera with your desired features.
Choosing the best can always be a hassle, moreover, the best is always subjective right? We all have different preferences. While some of us would want a high battery life, others would perhaps prefer something way different. So in order to make things easier for you, we'll bring to you some of the best action cameras out there, with their features described in details.

List of some of the Action Cameras

Garmin Virb Ultra 301. Garmin Virb Ultra 30

The most desirable feature in a gadget is how waterproof is it and that is exactly what Garmin Virb Ultra 30 provides you with. It can be waterproof to approximately 133 feet. So you want to go underwater and take pictures? Go ahead now with Garmin Virb Ultra 30. However the features don't just end there, the camera has marvelous three axis image stabilization, an ultra sensitive GPS antenna and can also support YouTube live streaming for IOS devices. So now record and stream on YouTube-live! The camera comes with a resolution of 4K and 1.75-inch color touch screen. So having an action camera that gives you so much only makes your life easier and way more fun, so why wouldn’t anyone opt in for an option like this?


Olympus Tough TG Tracker2. Olympus Tough TG- Tracker

So Garmin Virb Ultra30 is not the only camera that can provide you with luxuries, there are various other models of more action cameras that can make them look extremely appealing and TG-Tracker is just one of them. As the name suggests, the action camera is tough enough to survive underwater for about 100 feet depth without the support of any kind of housing. Moreover, Who wouldn't wish for a camera with Wi-Fi connectivity? The model is catered to fulfilling such wishes, now you didn’t only use wifi for your pads or phones but also for your cameras. And if that isn’t appealing enough for someone, the model provides us with an extremely wide-angle stabilized lens and five built-in sensors. The five amazingly built-in sensors being GPS, thermometer, barometer, compass and an accelerometer.

Polaroid Cube3. Polaroid Cube

Exactly what the name suggests it to be- an adorable Polaroid cube with astonishing properties compared to its size. It captures the footage up to 1080p and in 6MP. The little compact device is resistant to shock or splash and captures moments via a wide angle lens. As it looks like a perfect toy for kids, the little cube shaped box has optional mounts, so if you want to mount with something tiny or something really long, go ahead and do it!


360fly 4K4. 360fly 4K

How about a camera you can control with your smart phone? 360fly 4K is what gives us that, the ability to control your camera just by installing an extra app on your phone. So the distance hardly matters now,control your camera from wherever you want it to. As the name suggests, it has a resolution of 2880 by 2880 pixels to give you an amazing quality of capturing in crisp 360-degree footage. However, you don’t have to worry about content stitching with 360fly due to its highly efficient 240-degree fisheye lens. The round shaped camera does not only give us that, you can also connect it with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Moreover the gadget comes with a built-in memory of 64GB with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS antenna. And all these built-in features are protected within the waterproof and shock resistant core of the round camera.


Ricoh WG M25.Ricoh WG-M2

Easy to hold and move around with, we have another fantastic model for our convenience. It carries the ability to capture 4k videos through its 204-degrees viewing angle,which is backed up by an image sensor behind their lens only to make sure the camera can give you its best. Holding a 1.5-inch LCD display so that you can view your own recording beautifully. Go underwater with it and capture things in the coldest of areas, after all the camera is shock resistant, waterproof and also freeze proof. And just like the other,it comes with the wifi connectivity that we all want.


TomTom Bandit Action Cam6.TomTom Bandit Action Cam

To make sure our lives get easier, the model gives us in built sensors which would track the g- force, speed and altitude on its own. Now you don't have to be worried about missing things out in your captured moments and all thanks to the in built sensors TomTom provides us with. Capturing 15 frames per second in a 4k video, this model at no cost will let you down. 'Cause if you're scared about running out of battery, you can easily remove your battery and recharge it since you have your full USB plug there.

Garmin Virb XE7. Garmin Virb XE

Just another Garmin model to make us happy and blow our mind with it's ability to survive in the toughest of environments. Doesn't ask for a case in order to survive in water for upto 50 feet but with its housing it can take you 164 feet underwater. So the decision lies on you entirely! Get back to the memories of your adventure with all the tiny details that might exist because Virb XE gives you all the data stored in its G-metrics. So you have some vague memory of how tough that one journey was for you? Or to be more precise, how challenging was it? Well the G-metrics will remind you of all the details, the speed, the temperature, how well was your rotation in air, or street while or in any part of the world. Stabilizes your image in its 12Mp camera and the footage captured in the resolution of 1080p and 60fps. While bringing in some extremely new feature, it does not miss out on the features that other action cameras provide you with. So you want the WiFi connectivity, the in built GPS tracker? Don't worry, Virb XE has it all along with the opportunity of being controlled just by one single touch for the sake of recording.


Panasonic HX A18.Panasonic HX-A1

Having an action camera that looks like a torch is what attracts your interest to this model. Extremely light and versatile which can be carried anywhere, anytime, under any sort of conditions. Go to the mountains, the desert or even the oceans, this model will put up with everything being dustproof, water resistant and also freeze proof and shock proof.Wear it with your helmet if you want to, or your little adventure bag- this model has a wide range of optional mounts and can actually called a torch for its night vision IR lens. Having an optional external battery gives you the ability to work with it for an intensive amount of time making it highly durable. Furthermore the Wifi connectivity and dual angle recording truly bumps up its image!

iON Air Pro 39. iON Air Pro 3

Comes in the market with a smooth and glossy style to attract attention in first sight. Easily can be carried from places to places according to convenience. It can go underwater with you for upto 15m depth without any sort of housing. The model has a 160- degree field view lens and can capture in 12million pixel sensor. Air Pro 3 comes with a sliding switch and power button and that's all that you need to start recording. The model also gives us WiFi connectivity with a USB port with 3.5mm audio socket and a micro SD Card slot. You can easily edit and share your videos once you get the footage on your computer or phone via app. This stylish model of action camera can be mounted with various equipment making it very easy and efficient to use and these mounts can be anything like board, bikes, roll bar etc.


Flytecam10. Flytecam

Mastering in style and attractiveness, easily portable flytecam comes to the market of action cameras with promising features. The camera's mount is held by neodymium magnet which makes it further more attractive. It comes with the feature of wireless WiFi connectivity and the shots taken via Flytecam can easily be edited, trimmed or even effects added through one simple app of the phone and share it online. The model has an amazing structure and the rugged high-impact ABS plaster core only makes it more shockproof and also dust prof due to the built in weather seals. This highly stylish camera can go underwater with you till a depth of three meters without any sort of housing.
In spite of the ultra light body it has, Flytecam has no potential of disappointing its consumers. Carrying multi- dimensional microphone, the camera also has wide angle lens with 120-degree field of view. The model will be available in four different colors to fit the choice of every other individual, so consumers who felt left out till now will not feel left out once the model is released. Having a battery life for three hours and a SD card with 32 GB maximum capacity, this model is definitely going to thrive in the market.


Xiaomi Yi Action Camera11. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera:

Another model that can possibly pass to be a toy camera comes to the market to bewilder all the minds. This tiny sized camera can indeed shoot beautifully with 1080p at 60 frames per second an click snaps at 16mega pixel. The camera has a high battery life which is also replaceable in case you run out of one! With the ability to be connected to WiFi you can view, edit and share the shots whenever and wherever you want, just by connecting it toy your android app. However, like the others, this little model cannot go underwater without a housing, thus not entirely waterproof.


Drift Ghost S HD12. Drift Ghost S HD

Drift comes with the determination to make action cameras great for all the users. They believe you don't have to be an artist in order to take great snaps, drift will help you do that anyways! The camera has 3 main features. The first being the compass. The compass is like a secret detector, if something tries to pass you by, the compass feature will immediately hold it in a snap.
The second mode or feature is known as the GHost S characteristic. This feature takes the model with you to all the adventures that you'd like to go to, in fact, love to go to.Extremely high battery life, accompanying you for a really long time, Drift will provide you with a 360 degree rotating lens and LCD display screen. It will also accompany you underwater if you want it to for upto 3 metres.
The third feature being the stealth mode which tells us how light and tiny the amazing camera is, which can be taken anywhere with you!


Kodak SP 36013. Kodak SP 360

How would a dome- shaped camera feel like, for a change? You would probably end up loving it. Kodak SP 360 brings us that dome shaped camera where we can avail all the services that we get through the other action cameras. It gives you the opportunity of capturing 360 degree panorama mode videos without any need of multiple cameras with an amazing full circular fisheye lens and a dual front view of 180 degree. They also want you to share your joy with the rest of the world. So easily by transcribing in youtube, you get to upload your moments immediately.
Kodak SP can also go to various places with you, can get up in the mountains due to its freeze proof property and also can go deep in the water for about depths of 197' . What else can we wish from a dome shaped camera? But Kodak SP gives you more anyways! It comes with various mounting accessories that you can carry along with you.Providing you with a chest harness, head strap mount,L-helmet mount, mini tripod, phone mount, selfie stick-screw mount and a lot more accessories like these, Kodak makes sure that you get to record your moment exactly the way you want, without any sort of hassle.
They created a mobile app and a desktop editing software, just to make things easier for you. Portability can never be an issue with this particular camera. It allows you to change your settings, features, start and stop using your phone app. So it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have your phone with you, you can control your camera upto 30 m away. And finally provides you with the comfort-ability to edit your captures and footage via your desktop. The perfect combination of anything you could wish for!


GoPro Hero414.GoPro Hero4

Introducing you to the world of GoPro cameras, currently known as the best action cameras available in the market. The old model of Hero4 gives you everything that an action camera should give you. Recording your footage at 30fps and still images at 12Mp with a rate of 30 shots per second. The camera can also capture slow motion footage upto 240 fps, after all we all desire to make those hilarious footages with making things seem really slow via our slow motion footage. You can also dive into water with Hero4 for about 131 feet deep by keeping its housing intact. And when recording your footage, you'd also want to share it with your friends or family, who perhaps aren't around, so utilize the WiFi connectivity and bluetooth built-in option that Hero4 brings to you!
That is not where the list of some of the best action cameras end, in fact we just for started. If all these mind- boggling features don't motivate you to get an action camera of your own, then don't worry. After introducing the latest of GoPro models, you can't hold back your money anymore. Also why would you? Get a camera that runs with you while you run around the open field, that goes cycling with you, sky-diving with you or how about cameras you can order to do the work for you? GoPro makes sure that the world of action camera doesn't stay as a niche market at all rather get to the mainstream market and become a necessity for all sorts of consumers coming from various backgrounds.